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Casa Nicolae is a historical monument of the city of Sibiu, being the tallest building on Ocnei Street and having a 12 meter high attic, hence not permitting the snow to settle due to the steep angle of 60 degrees.

The whole attic doesn’t have a single metallic nail, being build with wooden studs. The house walls have, in certain areas, an impressive width of 70 cm. All apartments have been named after the given names of ladies in the family.


Nicolae Veștemean (b.1890  d.1941) was one of the first romanian traders in Sibiu, between the two World Wars and the first wholesale trader of citrus fruits in the city (“oriental fruits”  as they called them at the time).

The construction of Casa Nicolae started around the year 1472 (cent. XV-XVI, cent. XVII), at the time Vlad the Impaler was ruler of Wallachia, also in Leonardo da Vinci’s time and two decades before Christopher Columbus discovered America.

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